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There are NO CAGES on any Turosi farms. We raise our chickens in large barns. Our free range chickens have access to a grassed and shaded range area outside the barn.



All Turosi chickens are raised free of added hormones and steroids.

Today, the sizes of chickens in supermarkets appear much larger than the were 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Often people conclude this must be due to some unnatural intervention. The breeds of chicken grown by Turosi have been selected over many years to grow larger and healthier through a process of selective breeding. This process, together with carefully formulated nutrition, results in birds with optimum growth rates and optimum physical health.

Selective breeding involves many years of genetically selecting birds with the best or most desirable traits according to the wants and needs of consumers. The birds exhibiting the desired traits are selected as parents for the next generation of birds and so on.

All Turosi chickens are grown and produced in Australia.

All Turosi chicken meat is grown and produced in Australia. The industry does import a small percentage from New Zealand under strict protocols. The import of fresh chicken meat is not currenty approved for any other country.

Turosi chickens are not genetically engineered or modified.

Turosi chickens are fed a balanced diet specifically formulated by our nutritionists. The diet consists mainly of wheat, barley, oats, legumes, canola and soya bean. Occasionally, the feed may include some GM ingredients as these may be the only ones available.

Wherever possible Turosi, endeavours to source ingredients for feed that have not been genetically modified. However, this is not always possible as ingredients are not always available in sufficient quantities and need to be imported. Soya bean meal, for example, is an important source of protein and amino acids in the chickens diet. Much of the world’s production of soya bean meal is from genetically modified varieties or sourced from countries where Non GM and GM become mixed during the process.

Turosi meat chickens grow quickly due to the genetic makeup of the chickens, the high level of nutrition, and our dedicated farmers who ensure the birds are well cared for and disease free.

Chicken, like all meat, contains bacteria, most of which are harmless. Any of these bacteria are eliminated by normal cooking temperatures.

Cook chicken to a temperature of 75 degrees celcius in the thickest part of the chicken. There should be no pink meat and juices from the meat should run clear.

Turosi chickens are raised without added antibiotics. Occasionally, however, our veterinarians may be required to administer antibiotics to a specific flock to ensure the whole batch does not become ill. All antibiotics are approved for use by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and administered according to strict guidelines.

Occasionally Turosi chickens, just like humans, can become ill. In this situation, our vetinarians will assess the birds to determine the best course of action. If there is a threat to bird health and the rest of the flock, our vets may administer antibiotics. This is done under careful supervision and tests are carried our to ensure the meat is free from antibiotic residue. Under Free Range guidelines, any birds which have received antibiotics can not be sold as Free Range.

All Turosi chickens are raised in barns, Our free range chickens are able to access the range adjacent to the barn where they can forage naturally. Our ranges are grassed areas with adequate shelter for the birds. During daylight hours and weather permitting, chickens are free to move between the range and the barn.

Free Range chickens, once fully feathered, are free to move between the barn and the range and are encouraged to go outside. They are returned to the barn at night to protect them from predators and the elements.

No feed or water is offered outside on the range because it would attract wild birds and rodents, which can be a source of disease. The birds are free to forage on the range.

With any Avian disease, there is always a risk. Both Turosi and the Australian Poultry Industry have strict biosecurity protocols that are designed to further minimise its risk.

Halal refers to food that is prepared in a way that makes it fit for consumption by Muslims.

There are no practical differences in how the chickens are slaughtered and processed between Halal and Non-Halal. A person observing the actual process would be unable to distinguish one from the other and staffing levels are identical.

Because the physical process is the same for both Halal and non Halal products and there is no additional cost involved, approved processing plants may process a whole day’s chickens observing the Halal requirements, with only some of the product being required to be Halal certified.

Ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions are available on packaging, at the point of sale or on our website. You may also contact our service department on 1800 807 545.

Allergy information is available on packaging, at the point of sale or on our website. You may also contact our customer service department on 1800 807 545.

Some product will contain gluten, please refer to our packaging or website for further information. You may also contact our customer service department on 1800 807 545.